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Camping and Water Quality Camping and Water Quality

Campgrounds offer conveniences. Many allow dogs and other pets and most have nice hot water showers, toilet facilities and drinking water... all going into and coming out of the same ground where you and everyone else park your vehicles and make your drinking water hookups.

How can you be sure your drinking water is safe to drink, and to use for food and drink preparations? And how about cleaning your teeth using water that might ahve been contaminated, even faintly, from waste water? Not so attractive to think about that! But it happens every day as illustrated by the 400,000 illnesses attributed to cryptosporidia (transmitted via the digestive tract) in Milwaukee a few years ago.  Yes, most established campgrounds do chlorinate water supplies but cryptosporidia are essentially chlorine proof and Milwaukee's water met all public health standards including chlorine levels.

General Ecology's "RV" Trav-L-Pure water purifier was developed to help you stay healthy and happy when you travel.. wherever you travel... Leading airlines, marin, military adn emergency response teams have relied on General Ecology's "Structured Matrix"™ technology for more than 25 years.

Certified to meet US Federal Standards for Microbiological Purifiers, which include protection against pathogenic cysts, disease bacteria and even viruses, these compact water purifiers can be installed in minutes without tools, without electricity and without modifications to your RV or camper. The "RV" Trav-L-Pure installs direct to your existing outside hookup and removes and removes and stores safely inside your camper in the same quick and easy way.

The "RV" Trav-L-Pure also removes chlorine, "tank taste", many pesticides and other organic chemicals and foul tastes and odours, and helps assure you of getting safe, delicious, pure water every time, wverywhere, without added chemicals or electricity.

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