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Don't Risk Your Health When Camping

dirty creek water After some heavy rain the local creek was not looking its best.   Topsoil had been washed into the water giving it a very muddy appearance.  Although not visible, there is an increased microbiological activity in the water due to the influx of bacteria and cysts originating from animal and bird faeces and dead and decaying animals.  This is one reason why health authorities suggest people refrain from swimmimg in dams and lakes after heavy rain.

With some filtering devices it is necessary to run the water through the filter to remove the aesthetic contaminants such as the dirt, and then either boil or use purification tablets to sterilise the water.  However the First Need Deluxe makes all of that unnecessary. 

First NeedThe First Need Deluxe water purifier can be operated manually via the pump, or  by gravity feed.  A sample of creek water was obtained and purified using the First Need Deluxe.  The photo shows the unpurified water and the purified water output from the purifier.  What can't be seen in the photo is the matter that is suspended in the untreated water.  The purified water can be consumed straight away - no further treatment is necessary.  (And, yes, I did drink it right after the photo was taken.)


Untreated creek water
Before - the water as it came from the creek
Purified Water
After - the water after it had been purified with the First Need Portable Purifier
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