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Key findings of the 2006-07 Drinking Water Quality Report include:

  • all bulk water suppliers (Hobart Water, Esk Water and Cradle Coast Water) operated their systems in accordance with the drinking water guidelines;
  • 23 local government water supply systems in Tasmania operated with a permanent boil water alert during the reporting period – the same number as in 2005-2006. Collectively these supplies provide water to around 1% of the total number of consumers receiving reticulated water;
  • there were eight temporary boil water alerts issued during 2006-2007 – mainly due to rainfall events or equipment failure;
  • 49% of the local government drinking water supply systems are servicing less than 500 people.   This equates to only 3% of the State population.  Such figures indicate that there is only a very small ratepayer base for many systems and illustrates the fiscal, technical and resource challenges faced by many local government water suppliers;
  • the level of bacteriological compliance was not able to be determined in 51% of the local government drinking water supply systems due to insufficient collection of samples.   Among the local government drinking water supply systems which were sufficiently sampled, 82% demonstrated full compliance; and
  • all but one Council has met the requirement to develop and implement Drinking Water Quality Management Plans for their drinking water systems in accordance with the Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (2005) issued under the Public Health Act.

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