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3. Setting-Up Camping Tips - Part 3. Setting Up
  • Aim to arrive in daylight if possible. This makes it easier to pick a good site and set-up the tent and leaves some time to become familiar with the area.
  • Check for ants nests and animal burrows.
  • Check for loose branches especially if you are camping in a windy site. Gum trees are notorious for dropping branches.

  • Check for dried mud as this could indicate water way. Also do not set up your tent at the lowest point of a flat area as this will collect water should it rain.

  • Use the rake to remove any sharp object, pebbles, twigs etc before laying down your ground sheet.

  • If camping on slope consider digging trench on the uphill side to direct water away from the tent.

  • Also set-up your tent so that your head is uphill of your feet when sleeping.

  • Don't set up too close to other campers - allow around 2 car spaces.

  • If camping on a beach try to find a sheltered spot out of wind behind trees or bushes or dunes. If camping in the outback don't set up in a dry creek bed.

  • Ensure your campfire is downwind so the smoke won't blow into tent.

  • Clear away any flammable material from the campfire site and build the fire on a bed of sand or dirt

  • If camping with kids, you might like to consider setting up a second tent which can be used as a playroom.

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