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4. Camping Camping Tips - Part 4. Camping
  • Check with camp ground owners or operators before collecting wood for fires.  

  • Wear gloves when collecting firewood to minimise the chance of spider bite.

  • Don't put anything into the fire that won't burn and do not burn plastics as these can give off noxious fumes.

  • Put your shoes in a sealed plastic bag when not being worn for any lengthy period of time to prevent spiders entering them. If not, check shoes for spiders before putting them on

  • Pay attention to all signs about wildlife including any warning signs.

  • If pets are allowed at the camp site, ensure that all droppings are collected.

  • Obey noise rules.

  • Pack up food and scraps at night to avoid attracting possums and insects.

  • Respect the local wildlife.

  • Don't do the washing up in local streams or lakes and don't clean fish there.

  • Be friendly to other campers but don't be intrusive.

  • Rig up a tarp off the side of your tent to provide extra space for cooking or to leave gear.

  • Save water by using baby wipes or Wet Ones for cleaning hands etc.

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