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Cost-Effectiveness Water Purifier FAQs - Cost-Effectiveness

1. Why are Seagull IV purification systems the best value and so much better than other systems on the market?

Because they do more, do it better and consistently work effectively, longer than other products.  In fact, to our kno0wledge, General Ecology's "Structured Matrix" is the only technology independently certified to meet U.S. Federal Guide Standard for Microbiological Purifiers, without the use of chlorine, or other chemicals, "hold time", electricity or multiple processing. Our purifiers also remove many chemicals, even in trace quantities, and foul tastes and odours, to provide "bottled or better" quality at a fraction of the cost.  With a flow rate of four or eight litres per minute and manufactured from 300 series, hospital finish stainless steel, they're durable, dependable and economical.

2. How Much Does It Cost And How Does The Cost Compare To Bottled Water?

Surprisingly the Seagull 1V X-1F Water Purifier in addition to being far more convenient, more effective and far less space and weight consuming, is very economical to operate when compared to drinking water of similar quality. Bottled water for example can cost $1.50 or more per litre while Seagull 1V water, freshly purified at the time and place where it is being used, has an ongoing cost of around $0.05 per litre - that's 5 cents per litre! Another much more important comparison is the cost of having the "blahs" or becoming ill from water-borne contaminants or even "unfamiliar" tap drinking water when traveling.

Putting this in perspective 4,000 litres of bottled water costs $6,000.00 or more while a 4000 litre Seagull IV X-1F replacement cartridge costs less than $185.00 and an entire system with cartridge costs a fraction of the price of 4,000 litres of bottled water. Remember, Seagull IV water purifiers are much more than effective taste and odour systems, they can remove pathogens and many chemical contaminants to "non-detectable levels".

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