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Maintenance Water Purifier FAQs - Maintenance

1. What Maintenance Is Required?

The Seagull IV water purifier has been designed to be essentially maintenance free. In the case of the Seagull 1V X-1F system, the only moving parts are in the tap/spout and these are ceramic. Since no chemicals or electricity are required, and there are essentially no moving parts, maintenance is quite minimal.

Units and spouts should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner.

Cartridges should be replaced as indicated, usually once a year.

2. How Do I Know When I Need To Change The Cartridge?

Cartridge life varies from area to area depending upon the amount and characteristics of the contamination in the water and your water usage rate. Relative to particulate matter in your water source, including bacteria, algae, cysts and other sediment, the cartridge microstructure will load up and clog, resulting in a flow rate which will decline and eventually stop. 

The cartridge should also be changed if offensive foul tastes, odors, or colour in your drinking water are apparent. 

We typically recommend cartridge replacement every year to prevent over accumulation of chemical contaminants. If in doubt, please consult us for advice.

3. Can I Change The Purification Cartridge Myself?

Seagull IV purification cartridges are easily changed by the homeowner.

Complete instructions are packed with each cartridge.

No tools are required. 

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