The Structured Matrix™

How It Works To Protect You

The Structured Matrix is an advanced water purification technology developed by General Ecology that purifies your water without using chemicals. It is the only technology certified to meet US EPA Standards against all three classes of waterborne disease organisms - parasitic cysts, bacteria, and viruses - instantly, without pre- or post-treatment, without wasting water and without electricity.

Structure Matrix How it does this is a marvel of modern science. There are three mechanisms that operate together to provide the purest water possible.

1. Ultrafine Microstraining
1Physically removes disease bacteria, pathogenic cysts like Giardia, Cryptosporidia, and other specific parasites and debris down to 0.1 microns (0.4 absolute). Removing the pathogens also removes the disease toxins they contain and is far more superior to "poisoning" organisms with pesticides and allowing the pathogen residue, toxins and pesticides to remain in the water to be consumed.
2. Broad Spectrum Molecular Capture
1Traps and captures specific organic and other chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and solvents, as well as chlorine and other trace contaminates that can be toxic and/or carcinogenic, along with foul taste, odour and colour.
3. Electrostatic Removal
1Uses specially charge space-aged surfaces, essentially as magnets to remove minute particles, molecules and colloids suspended in the water.

All of these purification mechanisms work together to REMOVE viruses, disease bacteria and other contaminants far smaller than submicron microfiltration alone can remove.

Contaminant Removal Capabilities

The Structured Matrix is highly effective in removing contaminants as the table demonstrates.

Contaminant Removal Comparison

? = Comparisions are from general information. Performance varies widely within categories.
+ = Usually not effective against organic contaminants ordinarily found in drinking water. Check manufacturers claims and text rests for specific information.

Microorganism Size Comparison

Micro-organism Relative Size Comparison A micron is one millionth of a metre - or 1/1000th of a millimetre, if you like. Either way it is very small.

To be effective at removing Cryptosporidia, the US Center for Disease Control advises that filters must have a particle retention size at least as small as 1.0 micron absolute. If the "pores" are any larger the cryptosporidia gets through.

The Structured Matrix has a particle retention size of 0.4 micron absolute and 0.1 micron nominal. The smaller nominal particle retention size is the result of the three purification mechanisms working together as described earlier.

Since the particles (i.e. microorganisms) are physically removed from your drinking water you are not ingesting them as you would be if you simply used a chemical purifier.

The Structured Matrix used in the Seagull IV water purifiers:

"Now YOU Can Enjoy the Taste of Pure Water
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