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Motorhome Monthly Sept 2007 Motorhome Monthly September 2007

Why Buy Bottled Water?

We've been a fan of the General Ecology water filters for many years, our first encounter being at an outdoor show when it was pouring with rain.

Harald Charters was at his stand with the blue water running through the filter and coming out clean and drinkable. We stood and listened to his sales talk and we tasted the water (it was good), but still I wasn't convinced.

Harald gave me a plastic cup and told me to fetch some water from anywhere I wanted, he would filter it and drink it.

I collected a cup of water from the muddiest puddle that I could find, Harald passed it though his filter and I ended up drinking it myself. that was enough to convince me that these water filters did, indeed, remove impurities and make the water taste great.

Our next problem was that we weren't able to fit a complete under-sink purifier in the motor home that had at the time, so Harald suggested we try the Trav-L-Pure portable water filter and have been using it for the last ten years or so. we take all of our drinking water from the fresh water tank in the motor home and have never suffered tummy upsets while using the filter.

As we drink three or four liters of water everyday, we have more than saved the cost of the filter during the time we've been using it. In addition, we take the Trav-L-Pure with us if we are staying in hotels or even flying abroad, although we invariably get stopped as it passes though the x-ray machine at the airport as it has a metal plunger and looks a little suspicious.

When we bought the Frankia, Harald suggest that we fit a permanent system, but yet again it wasn't practical because the only location for the filter would have been in the cupboard that houses the water boiler and that would be too hot - so we continued using the portable system.

While talking to Harald at the Motor home and US RV Show at Stratford, he asked us if we have thought about installing a system in the Frankia washroom. To be honest, we hadn't given it a thought because the obvious location has always been he kitchen. Chalky explored the possibility and it was quite feasible to install the Nature Pure Basic (come without a separate tap) under the washroom sink


Everything required to get the filter working is included in the kit, and it only took Chalky an hour or so to complete the job. He had to drain the water system, isolate the cold water pipe leading to the tap, cut it, and then attach the additional pipes leading to and from the filter using he special clip on connectors. There are two details to note when fitting the system in the washroom, firstly, you have to ensure there is enough space to change the filter cartridge, and secondly, you have to be aware that the flow of the water from the cold tap will be slightly slower.

The General Ecology drinking water purifying system works without chemicals additive and the filter (down to 0.1 micron) removes all harmful impurities, including parasitic cysts, bacteria, viruses and other particles. its the water-borne pathogenic cysts that apparently cause tummy upsets while you are on holiday even if you use a conventional water filter, and these are removed with the nature pure system.

I've always had a "problem" with drinking water from the bathroom tap (even at home- however I've had no such doubts drinking the water in the motor home now that the filter has been fitted. We have a mixed tap in the Frankia washroom, so I put it to cold, run it a little, then top up my jug with fresh clean drinking water and put it into the fridge or on a tray in the kitchen area.

I mentioned that the flow of water is slower with the filter fitted, nevertheless it hasn't made a difference when using the tap for personal hygiene. When we thought about it seriously, we often have to run the water for a short time before the home water reaches the tap so we don't actually use too much cold water when using the washroom sink. What we do have is water that tastes really good all the time and best of all, I still don't buy bottled water. I am one hundred per cent certain that this is a safe method of making our drinking water pure and healthy.

Why spend money on bottled water when you can have it from your own tap?

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