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Outdoor Adventure Guide - Summer 2004 Outdoor Adventure Guide - Summer 2004

No chemicals or boiling required for this three-stage pump: it pumps out 1.8 litres / minute and come with a gravity-feed bag (also acts as a storage bag) Hook the pump to your Sigg or Nalgene bottle, insert hose into water source, and get pumping. The three-stage purifier works to draw out the bad stuff, giving drinkable water from the moment you pump it.

You can't get into the filter to clean it, although with all the viruses and bacteria stuck in there, that might be a good thing. We loaded our inner city water and this one pumps easliy, the water clarity is clearer than a bottle of Dasani. Tasted like Evian Plus, even better than the real thing. No earthy tastes, just clear and fresh. Across the board, our tasters favorite filter for its quick efficiency and the great taste. Certified to meet Environmental Protection Agency (US) standards for microbiologocal purifiers in eliminating bacteria, cysts and viruses.

One year Warranty.

Rated 9/10

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