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Pro Mobil Number 1 Seagull IV - Rated by Pro Mobil as Number 1!

SeagullĀ® IV - Rated by Pro Mobil as Number 1!

Seagull IV X2The respected German magazine Pro Mobil has discovered what many RV and boat owners around the world already know, when it comes to drinking water purification -- nothing beats a Seagull IV® purifier.

In six months of testing through the Department of Water "Hygiene Institute Des Rhrgrobiets", the Seagull IV purifier out performed seven of the other most popular water systems in the RV market.

The laboratory used untreated water repeatedly to extremely high doses of E-coli bacteria and polio virus. This water was some 7,000 times worse than drinking water standards allow for source water... the contamination level was put as high as 1 million colonies/ 100 ml, which is comparable to water straight from a raw sewage system.

Recreational vehicle use was simulated by using less water through the units which then were tested again after a stagnation period. The clear winner: Seagull IV Water Purifier.

According to the laboratory, the "Seagull IV unit successfully removed fecal bacteria and viruses." No other unit taking part in the test came close. In addition the laboratory stated "After 120 days, the differences among the systems were quite remarkable ... No other unit taking place in the test could claim a similar retention capability." Dr. G.J. Tuchewitzki, who directed the testing, called Seagull IV water purifier the "most superior unit" and recommended it fully. He was particularly impressed with the unit's "highly efficient flow rate."

"We're extremely pleased with the Pro Mobil test results, which verify to the public that General Ecology products are the most effective products on the Market," said Richard Williams, company president. He added, that the head to head comparison was gratifying for another reason as well. "The science used here was accurate and reliable. Pro Mobil should be congratulated for its courage in conducting a truly unbiased product test. This is the same kind of testing we have pushed for in the U.S. markets-- testing that gives consumers facts -- not impressions and innuendo."

The results, he said, "reaffirm that the "Structured Matrix™" technology which forms the heart of all General Ecology™ products, is the chemical- free answer to obtaining pure water no matter where you are. From our tiniest portable purifiers, the Microlite® and First Need® Deluxe in the outdoor market, to our airline, home and commercial units, "Structured Matrix" consistently out performs all other technologies," continued Richard Williams.

Our products work. They perform reliably, instantly and conveniently. Whether it is an RV product, a household product or our portable units, they are unmatched in quality and value. Perhaps best of all, they don't require users to drink iodine or other chemicals... General Ecology purified water is as refreshingly delicious as it is safe!" said Williams.

General Ecology is the world's premier manufacturer of water purification and microfiltration systems for airline, recreational and home use. General Ecology's products are used with confidence worldwide under the names First Need®, Microlite®, Trav-L-Pure®, Seagull IV, Spark-l-Pure®, First Need Base Camp™, Nature-Pure®, Versa-Pure® and Aqua Polish®.

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