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Trav-L-Pure Step-By-Step Operation Trav-L-Pure Step-By-Step Operation

Trav-L-Pure Step-By-Step Operation


1.   Remove lid and test dye bottle.

Fig. 1


2.   Rotate the spout tip and the pump handle to the operating position. 

Remove cap from spout and store on stud inside canister cover.

Fig. 1


3.   Fill the container with the cleanest water available by slowly pouring water through the fine screen of the inside cover plate. This screen is intended to prevent coarse debris from damaging the pump.

Fig. 1


4.   Position a clean receptacle under the TRAV-L-PURE outlet spout and begin to pump with slow steady strokes (the pump pressurises on downstroke only) to obtain about 600 ml of drinking water per minute.

Fig. 1

The first litre or two of water pumped through a new purification canister may contain air bubbles and fine black particles of adsorption material. These are non-toxic but may be discarded.
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