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Replace Trav-L-Pure Purification Canister Replace Trav-L-Pure Purification Canister

Clean Trav-L-Pure or Replace Purification Canister


1. Remove lid and test dye bottle. (Fig. 9) Fill with water and drain.
Step 1 Clean Trav-L-Pure PreFilter or Replace Purification Canister


2.  Loosen knurled nut below pump handle. Pull pump handle straight up to remove shaft and piston.

Fig 10


3.  Grasp spout and pull straight up, removing the cover plate and canister all together, from the TRAV-L-PURE housing.

Fig 11


4.  To clean prefilter, grasp top of filter element and pull out of the receptacle in the base of the canister reservoir. The element can then be rinsed or lightly wiped to remove accumulated debris.

Fig 12


5.   Reinstall the prefilter by positioning the element in the receptacle and gently pushing downward while guiding the end into position.

Fig 13


6.  Remove the purification canister from the cover plate by carefully sliding the canister spout through the grommet in the cover plate.

Fig 14


7.   Install the new purification canister by pushing the spout through the grommet in the cover plate. This operation is made easier by lubricating the grommet with a small amount of petroleum jelly or water.

Slide the cover plate along the spout until the bottom of the cover plate contacts the top of the purification canister.

Fig 15


8.   Reinstall the purification canister by grasping the spout and gently seating the new canister assembly into the TRAV-L-PURE housing. The cover plate has a tab that fits into a slot in the housing and is supported on the opposite side by two extensions on the housing wall.

Fig 16


9.   Reinstall the pump piston into the barrel. Lubricate as in Step 7. Compress piston seal edges to fit into pump barrel.

Fig 17


10. Thread knurled nut onto the pump barrel to hold the assembly in place. Do not overtighten.

Fig 18
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