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AquaPolish #5 Cartridge

AquaPolish  #5 Cartridge
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Aqua Polish Microfiltration Cartridges from General Ecology, Inc. Setting the standard of excellence in the water filtration industry. Removes:
  • Particulate Scale,
  • Sediment,
  • Rust,
  • Foul Tastes,
  • Fibres,
  • Bad Odours,
  • Chlorine,
  • Parasitic Cysts,
  • Giardia,
  • Cryptosporidia
Aqua Polish cartridges, available in three standard sizes, are intended for use with water supplies that are considered to be bacteriologically potable but may have larger micro-organisms and chemical contaminants present. With one micron retention, these cartridges are able to remove chlorine, microscopic and visible dirt and scale, and many other larger particle contaminants as well as foul tastes and odours. These products are not intended to remove minerals or salts. Incorporating extremely fine Microfiltration and Broad Spectrum Adsorption/Molecular Sieving into General Ecology’s unique “structured matrix” technology, Aqua-Polish cartridges are the most comprehensively effective in their class.
Flow Rate in litres per minute 13 litres / min
Average Capacity in litres 9,500 litres
Operating Pressure (min psi / max psi) 25 / 100
Particle Retention (microns) 0.5 nominal ( 1.0 absolute )
Temperature Range °C 0.5° - 50° - Do not freeze
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