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The following testimonial is extracted from an email.  I have not reproduced the email address as I don't wish to contribute to the happy First Need user's spam.  I also have not reproduced the competing brands (represented by '***' in the text) as they are seen in a less than favourable light in this exchange and I do not wish to denigrate other products.  If you really want to know the other brands, please contact me.

"I use the first need model from general ecology.  I have not used it overseas however I have used in extremely polluted water in the Blue mountains area and in other places. Having once been hospilalised seriously ill from water in the Blue mountains I took my F.N. to the same place to give it the 'acid test'... I drank one litre of filtered water from the same place (still polluted) ... no worries.

The unit is about the best value for money I have found.

My friend has *** unit... badly built and leaks after only a few months use. And now they recommend adding Iodine tablets after filtering... what a hassle!!

The *** gear is heavy and very expensive.

The First need is simple and effective. Provided the water does not have a lot of silt to clog the pre filter it pumps quite quickly. Another advantage is that unlike the ***, you don't need to be an octopus to use it. The unit screws onto a SIGG bottle .... Highly recommended I use it for hiking and XC skiing. Believe it or not this matters when you are filtering four litres per day and you are in a hurry or you are tired.

I have never used iodine with my first need, and in my opinion the published research supports this decision.

I would not hesitate to use this unit anywhere in the world. What more can I say.

PS. I have a daughter who is very susceptible to Giardia and through the Sydney scare and since, we take the F.N, to Sydney when we go so she can drink clean water and she has not had an attack since. On one occasion we did not take the F.N and she had to drink the water.... 10 days later she needed Flagyl yet again.  Believe me there is still Giardia in the inner Sydney water supply!!!!"


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