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A Water Alert is usually a "Boil Water Alert".  By this is meant that those in the affected area should boil all their drinking water for at least 3 minutes before drinking it. 

Below are links to some of the water alerts and incidents that have been issued or reported in recent years.  The list is not intended to be definitive.  It should also not be interpreted as being critical of the various Australian water authorities; rather it merely acknowledges that even with the best equipment and care, events can still occur that require the consumer to take steps to purifiy drinking water before consuming it - something our purifiers can assist you with. The list also includes other water incidents where water quality is affected even if it is not necessary to boil the water.

Even those on tank water who may not be subject to issued water alerts may have other reasons to boil water - see Tank water 'too contaminated' to drink (SMH October 2007).

Water Quality Alerts And Water Incidents


  • Constantina Circuit residents asked to boil water after E. coli detected - 20 Aug 10
    Goulburn Mulwaree Council has issued a Boil Water Alert to residents in Constantina Circuit requesting they boil any water used for consumption, including drinking, cooking, washing uncooked foods, making ice, cleaning teeth etc.
  • Second boil water alert for Midlands - 23 Jun 10
    A boil water alert has been issued for the Midlands towns of Campbell Town and Ross for the second time this year.
  • Boil Water Alert remains in place for Koorawatha residents - 11 Jun 10
    A Boil Water Alert remains in place at Koorawatha following the detection of E. coli in the village’s water supply last week.
  • Tasmiania - Permanent Boil Water Alerts - Jun 10
    Residents are reminded that the water supplied by Southern Water in the following areas is still subject to the existing Permanent Boil Water Alert until further notice: Swansea, Gretna, Ellendale, Mountain River, Judbury, Franklin (Jackson’s Rd)
  • Parasite sparks boil water alert - 17 May 10
    A parasite that can cause diarrhoea, nausea and headaches has been found in a water supply in far north Queensland.
  • E coli detected in Gold Coast water - 19 Mar 10
    Nerang residents on the Gold Coast are being warned to boil their tap water before drinking it after an E coli outbreak was detected during routine testing.
  • Bega Valley issues boil water alert - 17 Feb 10
    The Bega Valley Shire Council on the New South Wales far south coast has issued a boil water alert for people on the Bemboka, Bega, Kalaru and Tathra water supply systems for the next few days.
  • Boil water alert continues - 16 Feb 10
    The northern water authority is sending fresh water supplies to Campbell Town and Ross, both which are still on boil water alerts after heavy rain last Thursday night.
  • E. coli outbreak in Bowen, Qld - 11 Feb 10
    Residents of Bowen in north Queensland have been told to boil their tap water after bacteria was found in the local supply.
  • Ross, TAS - Boil Water Alert - 12 Jan 10
    A temporary boil water alert has been issued for the township of Ross. Routine tests detected low levels of E coli in water supplied to the town.


  • E coli Bacteria Found in Brisbane Reservoir - 23 May 09
    POORLY disinfected drinking water is being sent around southeast Queensland's troubled water grid, in one case resulting in E coli bacteria finding its way to a Brisbane reservoir, an internal government document has revealed.
  • Brisbane fluoride overdose - 14 May 09
    A Queensland water company took more than two weeks to tell the government about a treatment plant malfunction that saw too much fluoride added to water supplies.
  • Residents on boiled water alert - Irishtown, 08 Apr 09
    Residents of a far north-west Tasmanian town have been put on a boiled water alert, after testing revealed their drinking water supply has been contaminated.
  • E. coli found in Wallaville water - Bundaberg, 03 Apr 09
    The Wallaville supply was contaminated with E. coli bacteria this week after a chlorination unit failed.
  • Water Boil Alert issued - Palumpa 16 Feb 2009 - 19 Feb 2009)
    Precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued today for the Palumpa Community due to the high level of floodwaters surrounding the community's water supply.
  • E.Coli Outbreak in Far North Water - Mareeba, 19 Jan 09
    There has been an outbreak of the bacteria E.Coli in a far north Queensland water supply system.
  • E coli Water Warning Still in Place - 17 Jan 09
    Residents of the Northern Territory town of Daly Waters are being urged to continue to drink boiled or bottled water after the detection of E coli bacteria in the local drinking water.
  • E coli Contaminates Town's Water Supply - 10 Jan 09
    Tests have confirmed the bacteria E coli has contaminated the water supply in the central Queensland town of Bluff, causing residents to get sick.


  • Boil Water Notice for Myrtleford - 01 Nov 2008
    A Seasonal Boil Water Notice is now in place in Myrtleford. In consultation with the Department of Human Services, North East Water has implemented a Boil Water Notice from 1 November 2008 until 30 April 2009, to minimise the risk to public health over the warmer period.
  • Water Boil Alert issued for Papunya - Papunya (NT), 10 Oct 2008
    A precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued today to Papunya following the detection of the E.coli bacteria in the community's water supply.
  • Alert over dirty water - Hamilton, 13 Sep 2008
    More than 5000 south-west residents are being urged to boil their water before use because of discolouration problems. Wannon Water managing director Grant Green yesterday warned residents to boil their water as a "precautionary measure" after problems at the Hamilton treatment plant.
  • Iconic tourist spot hit by gastro - North Queensland, 06 Sep 2008
    Port Douglas and the Daintree are in the grip of a health scare with officials yesterday revealing the region has a contaminated water supply. Medical experts found unacceptably high levels of E. coli bacteria in seven of the region's 13 water reservoirs and warned it posed a risk to human health.
  • Water Boil Alert Issued for Pirlangimpi - Pularumpi, Garden Point,(NT) 04 Sep 2008
    A precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued today to Pirlangimpi following the detection of the E.coli bacteria in the community's water supply.
  • Qld Govt under fire over Cloncurry water woes - Cloncurry, 18 Aug 2008
    The Queensland Government has been accused of starving the north-west Queensland Shire of Cloncurry of basic needs, with residents expecting to run out of water within the next two months. The Cloncurry Shire Council warns the water needs to be boiled before drinking and it is of such poor quality that it will not be long before residents refuse to bath in it.
  • Brisbane residents get chlorine-heavy water - Brisbane, 07 August 2008
    THOUSANDS of residents in Brisbane's western suburbs have been supplied with heavily chlorinated drinking water because of a stuff-up during the construction of the Southern Regional Water Pipeline
  • Alpine towns told to boil water for 12 months - Vic, 13 Jul 2008
    Victoria's Department of Human Services (DHS) has issued a long-term boil water notice for Myrtleford, Mt Beauty and Tawonga because of problems in disinfecting the town supply.
  • North Qld water contamination 'probably accidental' - Bowen, 10 June 2008
    Groundwater in the Delta area north of Bowen has tested positive to low levels of the common herbicide Diquat
  • Drinking water alert for Lower Clarence - Lower Clarence, 05 June 2008
    Clarence Valley Council (CVC) issued the warning after test results revealed unacceptable levels of Escherichia coli (E coli) in the water supply.
  • Boiled Water Alert – Hamilton Valley and West Lavington, 15 May 2008
    The alert is due to the detection of low level contaminants in the water supply in this area.
  • Discoloured Water Alert - Gosford, 21 April 2008
  • Water Boil Alert Issued for Laramba (Napperby) - Laremba, 28 March 2008
    A precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued following the detection of the e-coli bacteria in the community's water supply.
  • Water Boil alert issued for Areyonga - Areyonga, 06 February 2008
    A precautionary advice for drinking water (water boil alert) was issued following the detection of the e-coli bacteria in the community's water supply.
  • Boil, boil, toil and trouble - Braidwood 23 Jan 2008
  • Public told to boil dirty water (Bright, Wandiligong and Porepunkah) 21 Jan 2008
  • Boil Water Alert For Swansea Remains In Place - This has been in place since 2006 !!


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