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WaterBoy Installation WaterBoy Installation Instructions

WaterBoy Installation Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully. Once your Waterboy is correctly installed you won't need to touch it again.

Tank Water Level

Firstly, the water level in the tank must be low enough to allow you to stand inside the tank and reach the outlet. This equates to about knee deep in a standard 25,000 litre tank. If your tank is full it can be difficult, mentally, to 'waste' the stored water but there are a couple of options:

  1. If you have more than one tank you can isolate the others and lower the level in the one from which you draw your water.
  2. You could wait until the level is naturally low in the tank. Better to do the operation before rain is forecast.

You could also use the opportunity to clean the bottom of the tank.

Best Method to Lower the Water Level

Siphoning water from the tank The best method to lower the level of a tank is to siphon it. This means the pump is not running for ages and allows the final water level to be set (as the siphoning will stop when the end of the hose is reached) so you leave the end of the hose at a suitable level inside the tank and siphon the tank overnight without fear of emptying the tank completely.


You will need:

  • a torch,
  • a ladder (or two) and
  • maybe a screwdriver.

The ladder is lowered through the tank inspection hole and you descend into the tank with the WaterBoy unit.

You will probably need to illuminate the outlet with the torch.

The 50mm end of the WaterBoy simply screws into the outlet pipe. If the outlet is smaller tan 50mm, the adapter may be removed from the Waterboy unit, this in turn provides a 40mm connection.

Fitting the Waterboy to a tapered thread If the connection is still incompatible then most likely the tank has a 'tapered' thread which is illustrated in the diagram to the left. If this is the case, you should use the 2 screws included with the WaterBoy packing it if necessary with insulation tape or similar and then screwing through the taper into the Waterboy end fitting. The main requirement is a reasonably firm fit by whatever means possible.

The important final step is to expel the air from the Waterboy tube by submerging it, starting at the bottom. The air is gone when the unit is fully submerged, except for the float.

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