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Portable Water Purifiers Camping and Portable Water Purifiers

For camping, travelling, hiking or biking, the First Need range of water purifiers enable you to extract your own crystal clear water from even the murkiest water sources.

Far better than a water filter, the First Need Water Purifiers require no chemicals or electricity to operate so there is no need to remember to bring water purification tablets or batteries. A few strokes of the pump is all it takes - or you can just use gravity. Much better and considerably lighter (426g) than lugging bottles of water around with you, or having to boil water and wait for it to cool.

The First Need Water Purifiers are used by the US army, United Nations emergency relief personnel, and outdoors enthusiasts the world over!

While your friends are busy boiling water or waiting for sterilisation tablets to work, you can be enjoying cool, pure water with a few relaxed strokes of the pump. Did I mention that it tastes good, too? (If you've tasted tablet purified water you'll know what I mean!)

Browse through our great selection of portable water purifier products and get your own camping water purifier. Available in sizes suitable for individuals through to groups; why not buy a great First Need water purifier today?

First Need XLE Portable Water PurifierFirst Need XLE Portable Water PurifierClick here for more information on the First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier including usage, backflushing and storage instructions. Trav-L-Pure Water PurifierTrav-L-Pure Water PurifierClick here for more information on the First Need TRAV-L-PURE Portable Water Purifier including usage, cleaning, cartridge replacement and storage instructions.
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