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Seagull® IV X-1F Dimensions Seagull® IV X-1F Dimensions

X-1F Canister DimensionsDimensions X-1F Spout

SEAGULL®IV X-1F Positioning and Dimension Information
Cut out faucet base pattern and use for rough position. Note pattern shown on this website is not actual size. Tape pattern in place.

Then, for final positioning, place faucet on pattern on top of sink and check for correct orientation of faucet body, spout and handle. This final positioning is needed before making your installation hole.

It is important to note control handle position and "throw" to insure adequate clearance.
Also note the "swing feature" of the faucet's spout that allows many different mounting options.
Make sure of all clearances above and below sink before drilling mounting hole.Mounting Hole Patter for FP Faucet

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