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Under Sink Water Purifiers Under Sink Water Purifiers

The Seagull IV water purifiers are compact stainless steel units that install easily and neatly under your sink. They take up very little room and operate efficiently, silently and effectively to give you peace of mind that the water you are drinking is the safest and best quality water avaliable.

Seagull IV X-1F Under Sink Water Purifier (SKU: 701050)Seagull IV X-1F Under Sink Water Purifier (SKU: 701050)The Seagull IV water purifier removes far more contaminants from your tap water than a water filter can - leavign you with sparkling fresh pure water.

  • Water safe enough to give a 2 month old baby
  • Compact under sink Water Purifier.
  • Removes cysts, bacteria & viruses
  • Lifetime Finish in stainless steel.
  • Add purity and elegance to your kitchen today!
Seagull IV X-2KF Water Purifier (SKU: 810200)Seagull IV X-2KF Water Purifier (SKU: 810200)The Seagull IV X-2KF water purifier is a high flow, high capacity water purifier with an extra port for connection to coffee machines, ice makers, hot water dispensers, water coolers etc.

Enjoy the fresh taste of pure water!
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