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If you manage an office, your staff will really appreciate having pure water to drink. If you operate a restaurant or coffee shop, let your customers know you are providing them with purified water. It may be enough to separate you from the competition in your industry and ensure repeat business. As an added bonus, your tea and coffee will taste much better.

Our commercial water purifier products use the extremely effective "Structured Matrix" advanced water purification technology but have a larger capacity and higher flow rate than the Seagull IV X-1 household series and so are very suitable for commercial use, e.g., restaurants, coffee shops, offices or schools. Unlike many commercial water filters, these water purifiers eliminate not just chemicals, foul tastes and odours from your drinking water but also bacteria, cysts and viruses - without using chemicals or electrivity.

These water purifiers are also used by a number of commercial airlines to provide pure water to their passengers. The technology has proven itself repeatedly over the last 30 years.

May we modestly suggest that only we have the best in commercial water filtration and purification.

If you require more than one water purifier, contact us for discounted pricing.

See also our range of Spark-L-Pure Water Filters.

Seagull IV X-2KF Water Purifier (SKU: 810200)Seagull IV X-2KF Water Purifier (SKU: 810200)The Seagull IV X-2KF water purifier is a high flow, high capacity water purifier with an extra port for connection to coffee machines, ice makers, hot water dispensers, water coolers etc.

Enjoy the fresh taste of pure water!
Seagull IV X-6 Water Purifier (SKU: 100003)Seagull IV X-6  Water Purifier (SKU: 100003)The Seagull IV X-6 Drinking Water Purification System provides all the benefits and effectiveness of the Seagull IV X-1 and X-2 drinking water purifiers in a higher flow rate, higher capacity configuration. This makes it ideal for applications such as restaurants, motor homes, schools and yachts.
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