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"RV" Trav-L-Pure Installation "RV" Trav-L-Pure Installation

"RV" Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier

RV Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier Installation Instructions
  1. Attach clean water hose to park/campground water supply
  2. Attach male end of water hose to female (in) side of "RV" Trav-L-Pure purification canister
  3. Attach female side of elbow to male (out) side of  "RV" Trav-L-Pure purification canister
  4. Attach male side of elbow to city water inlet fitting of RV
  5. Turn on tap and campground water supply to purge air from the system. Note: The first water out may appear gray or cloudy due to air bubbles and fines released from the cartridge.  The water will clear quickly and remain clear. 
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