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Seagull IV X-1D Installation Instructions Seagull IV X-1D Installation Instructions

Seagull IV X-1d Water Purifier Installation Instructions.

Figure 1

1. Open Canister.

Remove V-Clamp and separate Pressure Vessel upper and lower halves.

Figure 2

2. Install Cartridge.

Thread Cartridge into top half of Pressure Vessel (be careful not to cross thread) until contact is first made with Rubber Seal. Then tighten 1/4 turn only. Do not overtighten.

Be sure Pressure Vessel Flanges and Housing Gasket are clean and free of dents, nicks or cuts.

Remove aerator from primary faucet, thread Diverter Valve onto faucet. (Use adaptors and gaskets as required to make connection.)

Figure 3

3. Reassemble Pressure Vessel.

Place Gasket on Flange of lower half of Pressure Vessel and reassemble V-Clamp. The Wing Nut on the Clamp should be tightened snugly, by hand only. Use no tools to tighten.

Figure 4

4. Fit Spout

Thread Spout into Outlet Port until Spout O-ring is below top surface of the Port.

To attach Quick Connect fitting to Inlet Port press tab in and push fitting down onto Port until it clicks into place. (To release fitting push in on tab and lift fitting off of Port.


5. Operate the system and check for leaks.

Allow water to run for several minutes to clear line and system of air and any loose materials. Please note that for the first few days you may see entrapped air bubbles within the water. This is perfectly normal and will cease after the unit has processed several gallons of water. Also, some black "fines" from inside of the cartridge may flow out with the first few gallons of water. These are harmless, if consumed, or may be discarded.

Mounting Bracket Installation

A. Position black Mounting Bracket in the desired location. Use the two Self-Tapping Screws to securely install the Bracket.

Figure A

B. Mount unit on Bracket by placing the V-clamp over the raised section on top of the Bracket.

dFigure B
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