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Home Water Purifiers and Water Filters

Water Purifiers for Your Family's Health

Your health is your most important asset. Pure drinking water can help you maintain your health and vitality by providing your body with the water it needs without the contaminants.

A water filter will remove some contaminants but will not remove pathogens such as bacteria, cysts and viruses unless the water is treated or subjected to UV sterilisation. A water purifier will remove pathogens and the Seagull IV and First Need Water Purifiers do so with ease - without requiring chemicals or electricity.

Look at the number of 'boil water alerts' issued in Australia each year to see why you need a water purifier to ensure you do not run the risk of ingesting disease causing micro-organisms, not to mention pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals and other chemicals which end up in the water catchment areas.

With a Seagull IV water purifier you can have healthy deliciously fresh tasting water on tap whenever you want it.

If you are buying bottled water, compare the price of purchasing bottled water over a year with the cost of a water purifier (from around 5 cents per litre). No longer will you have to lug heavy bottles home, or worry about how much plastic is ending up in landfill. Your wallet, aching arm muscles and the environment will all thank you.

The Seagull IV and First Need Water Purifier systems provide pure drinking water for you and your family whether at home, on a yacht or motorhome, camping or travelling.

Cheaper than a plasma TV - and much better for you!

Choose from our range of Seagull IV™ bench top or undersink water purifiers - install once, drink forever!

For pure water on the go, choose from the First Need™ and Trav-L-Pure™ water purifiers.

Watch the Video To Find Out More

Please Note that the unit referred to as the Nature Pure in this video is the Seagull IV in the Australian market.

Water Purifiers Or Water Filters?

In a nutshell, Water Filters do not remove bacteria and viruses from your drinking water whereas Water Purifiers do remove these - and a whole lot more. 

Best of all, the Seagull IV water purifiers do not use chemicals or electricity to purify your drinking water. 

You do not have to wait before you can drink the water - simply turn on the tap and enjoy purified water as you need it. There is also no waste water produced.

Further, the Seagull IV water purifiers are independently certified to meet the US EPA standard for microbiological purification to protect you against cysts, bacteria and viruses instantly.

You can have confidence in the purity of the crystal clear water you are drinking. More info...

Enjoy The Taste Of Fresh Water!

  • Get rid of the smell and taste of chlorine in your water!
  • Remove lead and other contaminants.
  • Eliminate bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidia. 
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