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Good Riddance Insect Repellent FAQ

  • How do I know your product will work?

Good Riddance Insect Repellent was developed in Darwin by a qualified cosmetic chemist who specialises in natural ingredients. The formula is based on the latest scientific research about what mozzies hate. The Good Riddance Tropical and Good Riddance Sensitive essential oil blends were developed through an extensive research and development process that included trialling different blends to find the best blend for lasting protection. The rich shea butter and beeswax cream base also provides a physical barrier against those midges and sandflies. During development, our product was rigorously tested by fishermen in Darwin and Kakadu. The team at Good Riddance spent two years  putting the Good Riddance range through a series of independent clinical trials to ensure it does what it says it does. In 2020 the product was registered with the APVMA - Australia’s accreditation body for insect repellents.To be registered, the producers of Good Riddance had to be able to prove that their products were are as effective at repelling mosquitoes, midges and sandflies as any other DEET-based product on the market. Independent clinical testing of our Sensitive range showed that the product is significantly more effective at protecting against midges than DEET.

  • Is it safe for babies?

The Good Riddance Sensitive insect repellent has been specifically formulated for babies 3 months and over, pregnant women and children with eczema.

  • I'm pregnant. Can I use it?

We recommend The Sensitive formula is made with ingredients that are considered safe for pregnancy and has been used by many expectant and new mums. We recommend a 24 hour patch test before application. We also recommend consulting a GP/health care professional when pregnant as everyone's pregnancy is different.

  • I have sensitive skin. Can I use it?

The Sensitive range has been designed for people with sensitive skin. The cream is rich with shea butter and beeswax which make it nourishing to the skin and the essential oil blend is free from citronella. The cream contains a unique preservative derived from basil. Of course it is still possible to react to natural and low-irritant ingredients so we suggest you patch test first to ensure no reactions. If there is an ingredient that you know you react to, contact us and we will let you know if it is in the product.

  • What are the active ingredients?

Essential oil of lemon tea tree oil and essential oil of cymbopogon SPP.

  • Is it vegan?

The Good Riddance candle is completely vegan. The Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent, Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent and Rescue Balm, however, contain ethically sourced beeswax which is essential for the effectiveness of these products. As such, these products are not vegan but are 100% vegetarian.

  • Is it gluten free?

Yes. The Tropical and Sensitive insect repellents and Rescue Balm all contain a vitamin E that has been derived from soybeans instead of wheat.

  • Has this product been tested on animals?


  • Is it Australian made?

Yes. It was created and developed in Darwin and all of the ingredients, packaging and labels are from Australian suppliers. It bears the Australian Made logo which means it has undergone a third-party accreditation process to certify that it is genuinely Australian made.

  • How do I store it and when will it expire?

The products will last for at least 2 years from date of manufacture. There is a batch number and date of manufacture printed on each of our products. Store the products in a cool place, preferably under 30 degrees and away from sunlight. Effectiveness of the products cannot be guaranteed after 2 years, however, we generally find that the products maintain integrity well beyond this if stored correctly.

  • How effective is the bite soother?

Essential oil such as lavender and tea tree provide a natural antiseptic, healing effect while cooling peppermint and numbing clove & rosemary help to reduce irritation. The quicker you apply it after being bitten, the better the effect.

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