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Waterboy Tank System

Like all good innovations, the Waterboy is simple yet brilliant because it draws water from the cleanest zone of your tank at the top just below the surface. This is where the water is freshest, highly oxygenated and far less likely to contain the debris that inevitably settles on the bottom of the tank.


​How Does The WaterBoy Tank Water System Work?

Water tanks don't just store water. They also collect everything else from your roof (or stream) and provide a perfect haven for a multitude of microbes in the layer of matter that ends up on the bottom of the tank. Debris in the bottom of your tank is likely to contain things like leaf fragments, bird, bat or possum poo, and the dirt and dust that has washed off your roof.

This is the layer from which water is drawn into your house!


When new water enters a tank it remains near the surface. There is very little water circulation apart from the slow removal of water from the bottom (for your use) and the replenishment at the top by rainwater (or in some cases stream or bore water fed in by gravity or a pump).

Obviously it makes sense to draw water from the top of the tank where it is cleaner , and this is why the Waterboy Tank Water System was developed.

The Waterboy automatically adjusts to the changing water level in your tank so you need never worry that it isn't working. It works on all sizes and shapes of tanks and equally as well on concrete, plastic or wood tanks.


Because it draws clean, debris-free water from the top of the tank, a Waterboy will help prolong the life of your water filter or purifier so you are less likely to have problems like blocked filters on dishwashers, washing machines, taps and showers and fewer problems with reduced water pressure brought on by blocked filters.


The entire unit is non-toxic. The components are food-grade polyethylene (as is used in plastic water tanks), stainless steel and EVA. EVA is used medically and so is higher than food-grade (see here for example). Improve your water and your health by buying a Waterboy Tank System today.


Please note - each Waterboy is made up to the individual tank's specifications so please allow at least 15 business days for assembly and delivery.

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