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Water Purifiers and water filters for your family's health

Many Australians have concerns about chemicals being sprayed in our skies to enhance rainfall over catchment areas. Additionally, pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals and other chemicals end up in the water catchment areas that feed your water supply. The only way to get rid of these is to purify your water.


The Seagull IV water purifiers are independently certified* to meet the US EPA standard for microbiological purification to instantly purify your water and protect you against cysts, bacteria, viruses as well as a long list of chemical and metals contaminants.


The Seagull IV purifiers are superior to reverse osmosis purifiers because they use the Structured Matrix system. There are three mechanisms which work simultaneously and synergistically to give the Seagull IV system outstanding effectiveness over a broad range of contaminants. These mechanisms are:

(1) Ultrafine Submicron Microfiltration,
(2) Molecular Capture and Broad Spectrum Adsorption
(3) Electrochemical Separations incorporated into a "Structured Matrix" to provide uniform flow, reliability and to prevent channeling.

Seagull IV purifiers:

  • Get rid of the smell and taste of chlorine in your water.

  • Remove lead and other contaminants.

  • Eliminate bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidia.


Although a water filter will remove some contaminants, it won't remove pathogens such as bacteria, cysts and viruses unless the water is treated or subjected to UV sterilisation. However, a water purifier will remove pathogens and the Seagull IV and First Need Water Purifiers do so without requiring chemicals or electricity.

Seagull IV and First Need Water Purifier systems provide pure drinking water for you and your family whether at home, on a yacht or motorhome, camping or travelling.

Choose from our range of Seagull IV™ bench top or undersink water purifiers - install once, drink forever!

For pure water on the go, choose from the First Need™ and Trav-L-Pure™ water purifiers.


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