For the disinfection of rainwater tanks, boat water tanks, caravan water tanks, spas, pools, toilets, drains and ornamental ponds that do not contain fish.

CleanOxide is also highly effective at getting rid of offensive odours from drains and stagnant water.

CleanOxide water treatment tablets – 5 x 20g tablets per packet

Directions for Use

  • Avoid contact with skin when handling tablets.
  • 1 tablet treats 2000 litres of water (see table below).
  • Remove tablet from packaging.
  • Add directly into the water being treated. 

If treating drinking water, wait at least twelve hours after treatment before consuming treated water.

*After opening, best used within 12 months.


Number of tablets Volume of water treated (litres)
1 2,000
2 4,000
3 6,000
4 8,000
5 10,000



Clean Oxide 5 x 20g Chlorine Dioxide tablets