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Did you know that 40% of travellers are affected by water-related illnesses? The First Need Trav-L-Pure water purifier can take the worry out of an overseas trip by eliminating the causes of water borne illnesses. It provides complete protection by eliminating bacteria, cysts and viruses as well as pesticides and toxic chemicals from your drinking water.


  • Convenient: Comes in a carrybag and the unit sits neatly and discreetly on a table.
  • Self-Contained: No accessories required. No chemicals or batteries required.
  • Easy to use: Simply pour water into the easy-fill container, pump and drink.
  • Easy to Clean: Entire internal assembly can be removed from the container by simply removing the pump barrel nut.
  • Lightweight: Only 625 g so it won't weigh you down
  • Compact: 16.8cm x  11.2cm x 8.4cm
  • Stylish: No hoses to get tangled up.
  • Peace of Mind: Before each use you can test the purifier so you know that it is working (see the operating instructions for more information).
  • Cartridge Capacity: Up to 400 litres per canister (depends on source water quality).
  • Particle Retention: 0.1 micron nominal (0.4 micron absolute).
  • Flow Rate: 1.25 litres per minute

For more information on the protective effectiveness of the Trav-L-Pure see our FAQ.

Ideal for picnicking, tent camping, vacation and business travel, holiday homes, scouting and backpacking.

Compared to any other product of this type - regardless of price - the Trav-L-Pure unit is especially user friendly, reliable, and produces superior drinking water.

First Need Trav-L-Pure water purifier

SKU: 343101
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