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The First Need XL Portable Water Purifier gives you the freedom to use any available water source in complete safety, eliminating the need to carry bottled water or water purification tablets.


  • Eliminates pathogens and chemicals from your water.
  • Effective against Cryptosporidia, bacteria and viruses
  • Unmatched in removing harmful chemicals
  • Also removes unpleasant tastes and chemicals
  • Comes with self-cleaning pre-filter, adjustable float, 91cm long inlet hose, integral sanitary cover and nylon carrying bag.
  • Direct Connect to most trail and bike water bottles
  • Easy-grip, double-action handle provides comfortable pumping, or use the Gravity Assist connection for hands-free purification without pumping.


The First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier purifies water instantly. It is used and endorsed by the US Army and Peace Keeping Forces as well as tens of thousands of people around the globe. Fantastic for use while camping, hiking or travelling, it's also great for purifying water at home during times when the water supply is contaminated.


The pump is fully back-washable for cleaning in the field; no brushing, scraping, or contact with pathogens.The only non-chemical water purifier certified to EPA Guide Standard for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses. No need to boil water before you drink it. No hold time, or double pumping, just pure crystal clear drinking water when and where you need it - chemical and bug free!


Average capacity is 475 litres depending on source water quality; however if water is very turbid, cartridges can be back-flushed.

First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier

SKU: 322200
$290.00 Regular Price
$285.00Sale Price
  • First Need XLE Quick Start

    Your First Need XLE water purifier is ready to use right out of the box!

    We recommend pumping and discarding an initial litre of water to remove trapped air and loose particles from the Structured Matrix.  These particles are harmless if consumed.

    Your First Need XLE should be cared for as you would any other precision instrument.

    The First Need XLE conects to many trail bottles. (Bottles not included.)


    Tips for Optimum Use

    • Remember to perform the "blue dye" integrity test before each trip and check that the pump is in working order.
    • Use the cleanest water source possible.
    • If pumping becomes difficult, backwash or replace canister.
    • Remember "Matrix Pumping" works even with a clogged canister.
    • Avoid freezing or high shock loads - perform integrity test procedure if canister freezes or receives a shock.
    • Store in a clean dry area away from fumes.
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