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The Seagull IV X-2KF water purifier is a high flow, high capacity water purifier that comes with an extra direct connect port enabling cafes and restaurants to connect coffee machines, ice makers and water coolers. The elegant Espirit Faucet ensures this unit will look perfect in any setting. It is sleek and slim & includes lifetime ceramic disk valving, lead free materials and a thermoplastic tip to minimise scale build-up in hard water areas. Adex Award Winner! 2005 Platinum.

Seagull IV X-2KF Water Purifier

SKU: 810200
  • Specifications  
    Flow Rate per minute litres 7.6 litres per minute
    Average Capacity litres (US gallons) ~8000 litres
    Operating Pressure (min psi / max psi) 25 / 125
    Particle Retention (microns) 0.1 nominal ( 0. 4 absolute )
    Temperature Range C° (F°) 0.5° - 62° (33° to 145°) - do not freeze
    Pressure Vessel Construction 300 Series Stainless Steel lead free-ports with LTF
    X-2 Pressure Vessel Height 25.4 cm (10")
    X-2 Pressure Vessel Width / With Clamp 10.5 cm (4.5"), 12.7 cm (5")
    Replacement Cartridge RS-2SG
  • Stainless steel pressure vessel Corrosion resistant to last a lifetime
    Braided, high-pressure connection lines Will not rupture
    Lead-free tap with ceramic disk valving in chrome Extremely durable
    Extra port Simplifies connection to appliances
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