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Pure fresh water whenever you want it. The Seagull® IV X-6 Drinking Water Purification System provides all the benefits and effectiveness of the Seagull IV X-1 and X-2 drinking water purifiers in a higher flow rate, higher capacity configuration. This makes it ideal for applications such as restaurants, coffee shops, offices, motor homes, schools and yachts. Now you need never worry how long the water has been sitting in the "fresh" water tanks! Note: This is not a desalination unit.

Seagull IV X-6 Water Purifier

SKU: 100003
  • Flow Rate in litres per minute 23 l/m (6 US gals/min)
    Average Capacity in litres 23000 litres (6000 US gals)
    Operating Pressure (min psi / max psi) 25 / 100
    Particle Retention (microns) 0.1 nominal ( 0.4 absolute )
    Temperature Range C° (F°) 0.5° - 62° (33° to 145°) - do not freeze
    Pressure Vessel Construction 300 Series Stainless Steel lead free-ports with LTF
    X-6 Pressure Vessel Height 44.5cm (17-1/2”)
    X-6 Pressure Vessel Diameter 25.4cm (10”)
    Replacement Module RS-6SG
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