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Installation and maintenance of the Seagull Water Purifier

  • What model should I as home owner install?

Typically, the Seagull IV X-1F "auxiliary or dedicated pure water system" is used in most residential situations. The X-1F has a flow rate of 4 litres per minute provided through ceramic disc spout mounted on the sink ledge next to the regular tap group. This permits maximum economy since only water that is to be used for drinking or food preparation needs to be purified. Incidentally these spouts are top mounting. Connection is made to the spout before it is mounted to the sink, alleviating the need to make connections in the dark recesses of a sink cabinet while lying on your back.

The X-1F Model includes installation accessories so homeowners can install the unit with relative ease. The kit includes high pressure flexible braided thermoplastic tubing and typical accessories necessary for installation. The spout sometimes can be installed in a knockout hole in the sink ledge or in place of the spray hose which many homeowners don't use. Otherwise a 20mm hole should be drilled. Instructions for drilling both stainless steel and porcelain sinks are included with the units.

The Seagull 1V X-1D is a convenient countertop model for use in apartments, holiday homes and other temporary or semi-permanent residences. The diverter valve connects directly to the tap in place of the normal aerator in a matter of just a few minutes.

The Seagull IV "Designer Series" systems are high flow (8 litres per minute) high capacity systems.  The X-2KF includes a dedicated outlet for connection to a coffee machine, ice maker, or water chiller.

Please view the models on the WATER PURIFIER page or contact us directly for more information.


  • How big is a Seagull IV Purification unit?

The Seagull IV X-1F purification unit is very compact, being less than 15cm in diameter and less than 15cm high. The X-2K model is less than 15cm in diameter and less than 28cm high. These sizes easily fit alongside disposals and other equipment normally installed beneath the kitchen sink. Because they typically are installed with flexible tubing, they can be removed from the hanging bracket and brought out from underneath the sink for servicing. See diagram.

  • What about my icemaker and instant hot water units?

The Seagull IV "Designer Series" systems are high flow (8 litres per minute) high capacity systems.  The X-2KF includes a dedicated outlet for connection to a coffee machine, ice maker, water chiller, or hot water unit.

  • Can we take our General Ecology purifier with us when we relocate to a new home?


Yes, the Seagull IV Purifier is readily removed and reinstalled. Cover plates may need to be purchased from a Hardware Store to cover the hole in the sink ledge, but this should not be a problem. Also, many people are able to sell their units to the new homeowners and purchase a new unit after relocating.


  • What maintenance Is required?

The Seagull IV water purifier has been designed to be essentially maintenance free. In the case of the Seagull 1V X-1F system, the only moving parts are in the tap/spout and these are ceramic. Since no chemicals or electricity are required, and there are essentially no moving parts, maintenance is quite minimal. Units and spouts should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. Cartridges should be replaced as indicated, usually once a year.

  • How do I know when I need to change the cartridge?

Cartridge life varies from area to area depending upon the amount and characteristics of the contamination in the water and your water usage rate. Relative to particulate matter in your water source, including bacteria, algae, cysts and other sediment, the cartridge microstructure will load up and clog, resulting in a flow rate which will decline and eventually stop. 

The cartridge should also be changed if offensive foul tastes, odors, or colour in your drinking water are apparent. We typically recommend cartridge replacement every year to prevent over accumulation of chemical contaminants. If in doubt, please consult us for advice.

  • Can I change the purification cartridge myself?

Seagull IV purification cartridges are easily changed by the homeowner. Complete instructions are packed with each cartridge. No tools are required. 


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