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A water purifier that is portable!

If you’re looking for a portable water purifier because you're camping, hiking, prepping, going off-grid, travelling, renting, or coping with water issues in your locality, or you just want to drink better-tasting, purer water, the First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier is for you. It's an affordable user-friendly unit that will supply you with pure water from day one. It requires no chemicals, no boiling water and no complicated processes, yet it gets rid of so many nasties in your water!

It removes:

· Chemicals

· Pathogens

· Cryptosporidia

· Viruses

· Bacteria

· Bad tastes from your water

· Government-mandated ‘solutions’ (Sorry, can’t promise this one but wish we could!)

Even if all you want is the freedom to drink purer water than your local council supplies and you don’t want to spend a fortune to do it, this purifier is for you.

Let’s face it, our freedom to drink, eat or say what we believe seems to be shrinking daily as bureaucrats, government-appointed officials and fact-checkers seize more and more control over these things. You can at least exercise some measure of control over the water you drink with a portable water purifier.

The First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier gives you the freedom to use any available water source in complete safety, eliminating the need to carry bottled water or water purification tablets.

· A self-cleaning pre-filter

· Adjustable float

· 91cm long inlet hose

· Integral sanitary cover

· Nylon carrying bag

It connects directly to most trail and bike water bottles and has an easy-grip, double-action handle that provides comfortable pumping. If you don't feel like pumping, use the hands-free Gravity Assist connection instead.

The pump is fully back-washable for cleaning in the field; no brushing, scraping, or contact with pathogens. It's the only non-chemical water purifier certified to EPA Guide Standard for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses.

No need to boil water before you drink it. No hold time, or double pumping, just pure crystal clear drinking water when and where you need it - chemical and bug-free! The average capacity is 475 litres depending on source water quality.

When a weather event caused our suburban water to taste awful and become cloudy, we called on the trusty First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier. Once purified, the water clarity was clearer than a bottle of Dasani and tasted even better than Evian Plus. No earthy tastes, just clear and fresh.


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